New ACT Member- City of Lompoc

Lompoc, CA (August 3, 2007)- The Urban Forestry Division maintains nearly 18,000 trees located in the public right-of-way and in city parks. The division also oversees the maintenance of numerous open space areas throughout the city including public planters and medians. The Urban Forestry Division has received the Tree City USA Award each year since 1988. In addition, urban forestry has been recognized with a Sterling Growth Award for exceptional urban forestry practices. In 2000, Lompoc was recognized as the “Best Urban Forestry Program” in the State of California by the California Urban Forests Council.

New City Tree Planting Program
The City of Lompoc Urban Forestry Division has established a program for citizens to request that a street tree be planted at their residence. Each resident is allowed one tree per 30-40 feet of street frontage based on the tree selected. This program is offered at no cost to the public, providing the tree is planted on a city street. Citizens are only asked to assist with watering. All other maintenance is provided by the city.
Tree Planting Program
The City of Lompoc Urban Forestry Division has an active Electric Utility Tree Replacement Program. If a City of Lompoc resident has a tree in their back yard or on private property and the tree is in conflict with overhead electric utility lines, the City crew will remove the tree, grind the stump and replace the tree with a more suitable tree that will not be compromised by the overhead utility lines.
Wood Waste Utilization Program
The Urban Forestry Division has an active Wood Waste Utilization Program. Scrap wood that used to go to the Landfill and take up valuable room, is now either split into firewood or milled into useful furniture such as tables and benches. The City sells the firewood to City of Lompoc residents only and also donates to groups and/or non-profit organizations for fundraising efforts. Several of our handmade benches can be seen at our parks or facilities throughout the City. This Program has increased the life of their Landfill and enhanced the productive use of the trees in the city’s Urban Forest.
For more information, visit the City of Lompoc.