New ACT Member- Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council

Fort Worth, TX (June 12, 2007)- Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council (CTUFC) is comprised of members from various backgrounds. All are drawn to the organization because of a love of our local native trees and the role they play in our urban environment. Members seek to educate the public on the value of the unique Cross Timbers ecosystem.

Some of the programs they currently offer include:
Citizen Forester
The Citizen Forester program presents a wonderful opportunity for individuals to become skilled at planting, pruning, and maintaining trees. It also provides interested persons with the chance to get involved locally with Cross Timbers cities and counties to help communities take care of their public trees.
Arbor Day
Each year, Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council awards a prize and a special Arbor Day celebration for an elementary school that wins the Arbor Day poster contest for the 17 county region. Deadline for poster submission is December of every year.
Cross Timbers Traveling Exhibit
The exhibit briefly explains the natural and cultural history of the Cross Timbers region. It covers wildlife, flora, human history and geology. The exhibit is accompanied by free professionally-produced brochures that explain the Cross Timbers region in greater detail. The information is based on the book “The Cast Iron Forest” by Richard Francaviglia.
Habitat for Humanity Tree Planting
Each year, Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council partners with Habitat for Humanity to provide and plant trees in newly constructed Habitat homes in the Cross Timbers area.
Mayfest Tree Booth
CTUFC collaborates with local Fort Worth organizations to provide 2,000+ FREE trees to visitors at the annual Mayfest event. Funding for the purchase of the trees is provided by BRIT (Botanical Research Institute of Texas), Fort Worth Garden Club & Fort Worth Botanical Society. City of Fort Worth Forestry Section works with CTUFC to organize the booth & recruit volunteers. The tree seedlings provided are native to the Cross Timbers eco-region & are drought-tolerant. If you received a free tree from Mayfest, please visit our Mayfest page to find out how to plant & care for your new tree.
For more information, visit Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council.