New ACT Member- Delaware Center for Horticulture

Wilmington, DE (December 14, 2005)- The Delaware Center for Horticulture (DCH) is a non-profit community resource organization dedicated to promoting knowledge and appreciation of gardening, horticulture, and conservation. DCH’s two community program areas-Educational Programs and Greening Initiatives- focus on the greening of their urban environment and include educational programs for children, teens, and adults. Their work includes community gardens, public landscaping, roadside beautification, tree programs, and community events.

Through collaboration with neighborhood groups, social service, municipal and government agencies, DCH strives to generate cooperative revitalization of city blocks, roadsides, parks and open spaces. Their Community Gardens, Public Landscapes and Tree Programs go far beyond the physical improvement of air, water and beautiful places.
The Delaware Center for Horticulture has assisted neighborhoods in the planting and maintenance of over 5,000 trees on Wilmington streets since the beginning of our Tree Program in 1982. DCH completed an online inventory of Wilmington’s street trees in 2002, and they are currently working to develop a comprehensive management plan for the area’s urban forest resources and tree canopy.
DCH works with the Wilmington Department of Parks and Recreation to issue permits for street tree planting and maintenance, and reviews requests for publicly-funded street tree projects. DCH provides professional consultation services for tree protection and preservation during sidewalk renovation or construction.
In the spring, DCH coordinates the city’s annual Arbor Day program by planting trees with hundreds of students during the last two weeks of April, culminating in the City of Wilmington’s annual Arbor Day/Tree City USA ceremony. In autumn, DCH hosts the New Castle County Tree Commission’s annual Tree Spree Fair, a family fun day of tree planting, exhibitors and vendors at a County park facility.
For more information, visit Delaware Center for Horticulture.