New Act Member- ERTHNXT

Philadelphia, PA (July 14, 2008)- ERTHNXT concerns itself with everyone’s responsibility to the planet we call home. A national non-profit committed to protecting the future of life for all species, ERTHNXT’s goal to engage young people around the world to be good stewards of our environment. They educate young people with a curriculum of scientifically-based environmental knowledge, encourage youth to take actions with will help advance the mission, and ensure that these actions/activities can be repeated and expanded as participants grow in knowledge and capacity.

One of their initiatives is Trees for the 21st Century: a unique educational and tree-planting program for children ages 6 to 18, involving science-based learning, tree-planting, and ongoing stewardship activities. Through the Trees for the 21st Century they aim to teach children about the value of the environment, expand the world inventory of trees to protect and improve natural resources, and to help children value long term stewardship of trees.
They offer Tree Kids that provide everything a youth group and leader need to take action and enhance learning through tree planting and related activities. ERTHNXT also organizes volunteer tree-planting events for children and youth to supplement their self-led Tree Kids and Activity Guides. They also have a safe online community for children and their mentors to share their tree planting experiences and report stewardship efforts.
For more information, visit ERTHNXT.