New ACT Member- Fairfax ReLeaf

Fairfax, VA (November 1, 1993)- Fairfax ReLeaf works to conserve, restore, and promote sustainable urban forests in Northern Virginia by restoring large numbers of native trees on public commons land where funding for landscaping is lacking and nothing would otherwise be planted, and to educate government and the public about the values and benefits of the urban forest. They operate through enlisting volunteer workers and support from interested civic groups, youth, scouts, local businesses, churches and schools.

Some of their activities include:
* Identify and plan tree planting projects around Fairfax County and provide the resources to accomplish those projects.
* Encourage urban forestry conservation practices by individuals, private organizations and state and local government.
* Provide information and support for natural regeneration, mini-woodlands, and mow-free zones as alternatives to planned tree planting.
* Provide information and assistance for selecting appropriate tree species for specific locations, where to obtain trees, proper tree planting techniques, and caring for newly planted and established trees.
* Promote public education on all aspects of urban forestry by providing knowledgeable speakers for meetings of civic groups and other community functions, and providing information to government for the establishment of sound public policy.
For more information, visit Fairfax ReLeaf.