New ACT Member- Global ReLeaf of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI (January 25, 2002)- Global ReLeaf of Michigan is a grass roots, volunteer, 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Their mission is to educate the public on the value of trees and the need to properly select, plant and maintain them.

They challenge people everywhere, from citizens to state leaders to establish goals in:
* Expanding the area of forests, on lands where trees can provide many benefits, in both urban and rural settings.
* Assuring that all forests are maintained in as productive, healthy and fast growing condition as possible.
* Enacting effective legislation to address all of these issues and to research new technologies to address this crisis.
* Global ReLeaf of Michigan’s emphasis is to plant trees throughout all communities. The addition of trees improves the environment, cools urban heat islands and beautifies their neighborhoods.
For more information, visit Global ReLeaf of Michigan.