New ACT Member- Goleta Valley Beautiful

Goleta, CA (July 26, 2006)- Since 1974, their mission has been to ensure and improve the beauty of the Goleta Valley. Goleta Valley Beautiful continues to provide beautification and urban forest services in all areas west of the Santa Barbara City line (State Route 154), including Hope Ranch, unincorporated Goleta Valley, Isla Vista, and Rancho Embarcadero well as the City of Goleta.

Goleta Valley Beautiful addresses the high priority issues facing the Goleta Valley, including:
1. Urban Forest – To support and enhance a healthy and expanding urban forest
2. Neighborhood – To promote neighborhood beautification through pride and responsibility
3. Business -To promote business beautification through pride and responsibility
4. Government – To promote and enhance the beautification of public space
5. Education – To inspire and assist in the beautification of Goleta Valley through continuing education and action
For more information, visit Goleta Valley Beautiful.