New ACT Member- Greater Modesto Tree Foundation

Modesto, CA (July 1, 2007)- Since its inception in 2000, the Greater Modesto Tree Foundation has been dedicated to the continued development and protection of the rural and urban forests in the greater Modesto area. Their rural and urban forests boast a vast and beautiful variety of trees and other vegetation that support a healthy urban ecosystem. Their vision is a large, robust urban and rural forest providing benefits to the residents and visitors to each of the communities in Stanislaus County.

The Greater Modesto Tree Foundation’s primary goal is to encourage and facilitate one of the most notable urban forests in the region. Their membership and programs are focused on helping to develop and expand rural and urban forests in Stanislaus County. To help them achieve their vision, they invite all to get involved and become a part of their efforts toward a healthy and vibrant forest community.
The mission of the Greater Modesto Tree Foundation is to:
* To bring together the members of our community to advocate for and support the planting, preservation and maintenance of trees in our urban and rural forests.
* To promote public education leading toward greater enhancement of the urban forest and an increased understanding of the value and benefits of trees to our communities.
* To raise and distribute funds in support of tree programs benefiting our community.
For more information, visit Greater Modesto Tree Foundation.