New ACT Member- Hike for Katreena

New Orleans, LA (August 6, 2007)- In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused enormous destruction to New Orleans. Lives were lost. Homes ruined. Entire neighborhoods washed away. One of the things that has given the city its charm are its majestic live oaks, spectacular magnolias and other magnificent trees. As well as the other terrible blows the city suffered, New Orleans lost 50,000 trees in Katrina and its aftermath.

The Hike for KaTREEna began in April 2006 and ended in October after the 2,175 miles of the Appalachian Trail. The goal was to raise enough money to plant one tree in New Orleans for every mile I hiked. While only one person did the hiking, the Hike for Katreena is supported by an avid bunch of volunteers. They provided help from home while Monique was on the Trail, and have since helped with donations and tree planting. Almost every cent raised by the Hike for Katreena goes directly towards buying and planting the trees. Volunteers are handling all the day-to-day administration
Hike for Katreena was founded by Monique Pilie, whose family has lived in New Orleans since the 1700s, as a way to do something to help the city recover and help the community heal.
For more information, visit Hike for Katreena.