New ACT Member- Kitsap Trees and Shoreline Association

Bremerton, WA (April 16, 2010)- The Kitsap Trees and Shoreline Association (KiTSA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that promotes and improves Kitsap County communities by cultivating a public awareness and appreciation of trees, fostering community forestry programs, emphasizing development of educational programs for schools and training for the public. Additionally, KiTSA obtains funding for the acquisition and maintenance of new and existing forest conservation, and promotes partnerships with local businesses and residents for the preservation and management of forests, parks, conservation lands, and trails. 

Through their actions, KiTSA has successfully facilitated communication and fostered mutual support between various interest groups that represent governmental, recreational, commercial, Tribal, forestry, environmental, and educational concerns.

KiTSA was formed in 2006 as a collaboration of three groups working collectively for habitat protection, enhanced water quality, and preservation and management of urban trees and forests.