New ACT Member- Missouri Community Forestry Council

Helena, MO (February 28, 2006)- The Missouri Community Forestry Council is committed to urban and community forestry issues in Missouri. The Council meets regularly to advise the State of Missouri on the best ways to preserve, protect, expand and improve our urban and community forests.

“Stewardship for Missouri’s Community Forests” is a mission held true by the Missouri Community Forestry Council. Hosting an annual education and networking conference, acknowledging good community forestry programs with the Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence, and supporting the efforts of other pro-active tree organizations are a few of the outstanding efforts by the Missouri Community Forestry Council.
The duty of the Council is to seek the broadest possible involvement of representatives from entities and persons involved in community forestry matters, and after thorough discussion and study, to arrive at consensus on matters relating to good urban forestry policies.
For more information, visit the Missouri Community Forestry Council.