New ACT Member- Nine Mile Run Watershed Association

Pittsburgh, PA (May 9, 2006)- The Watershed Association grew out of the Nine Mile Run Greenway Project, run by the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. The Greenway Project focused on the intersection between community, art, and the environment and it addressed the need for urban residents to reconnect with and positively impact the natural world.

Since the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association was incorporated in 2001, they have developed programs that include watershed tours (in all seasons), educational workshops and other events, support of resident driven community gardens and street trees plantings in the upper watershed, a children’s environmental photography class, and active advocacy for the protection of Nine Mile Run.
Their goal is to give citizens the information and tools they need to make positive changes in the watershed communities. They support residents’ efforts implement lot level solutions to storm water problems, provide citizen training for urban ecological stewardship, and act as an information clearinghouse about key watershed issues.
For more information, visit Nine Mile Run Watershed Association.