New ACT Member- PalmettoPride

Columbia, SC (July 17, 2007)- PalmettoPride is committed to the eradication of litter and the promotion of beautification in South Carolina. We will accomplish this by leading the effort to motivate and organize groups to clean up existing debris. Our focus is on four essential areas of concern: education, enforcement, awareness and pickup resulting in behavioral change.

PalmettoPride is a non-profit, 501c3 organization that is a true public/private partnership comprised of state agencies, concerned citizens, corporate sponsors, and community and civic organizations with the stated goal of encouraging “behavioral change” in our citizens about litter. This ultimate objective of changing behavior means stopping litter at its source – the people who do it.
Two of PalmettoPride’s programs overlap with trees:
National Parks and Forest Program
PalmettoPride has partnered with the Department of Natural Resources, DHEC, the South Carolina Forestry Commission and other forces to pilot the National Parks and Forest program. It is designed to heighten enforcement efforts, bring volunteers together to clean up the hundreds of illegal dumpsites in the forests and parks of South Carolina. To build further awareness of the litter problem Litter Buster Hotline signs are also put in the target sites. A group of over 100 dedicated volunteers came together to clean up more than six tons of litter from illegal dumpsites in the Francis Marion National Forest. More cleanups are in the works.
PalmettoPride Tree Grants
The PalmettoPride Tree Grant program works in conjunction with the Community Pride Grant program. Grants are awarded in the form of trees.
PalmettoPride also works in the following ways:
* Education, which includes the programs: Litter Trashes Everyone, Challenge for the Environment Grants, Litter Curriculum, and Green Driver Program.
* Enforcement, which includes the programs: Zero Tolerance Weekend, Litter Enforcement Task Force, Litter Busters Toll-Free Hotline, and National Parks and Forest Program.
* Awareness, which includes the programs: Media Campaigns, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, Pride Week Blitz, Community Pride Grants, PalmettoPride Tree Grants, SC Education Lottery Clean$weep, SC Litter Control Association, Graffiti Hurts, and Commercial Waste Haulers.
* Pickup, which includes the programs: Prideways, Adopt-A-Highway, Great American Cleanup, Forests-Parks-and-Water, Commercial Waste Haulers, and Collegiate Recycling.
For more information, visit PalmettoPride.