New ACT Member- Parks & People Foundation

Baltimore, MD (July 24, 2003)- Since 1984, Parks & People Foundation has worked to improve the quality of life in Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Their staff, volunteers and partners in the community have developed innovative solutions to issues facing their city including the restoration of their neighborhoods and their natural resources as well as the academic enrichment and motivation of their children.

Parks & People engages and empowers people to care for natural resources in a way that leads to the revitalization of neighborhoods- environmentally, socially and economically. Their goal is to take advantage of the marvelous natural resources available in Baltimore City.
The Community Forestry Stewardship Program is designed to help Baltimore residents green their neighborhoods by offering education opportunities and technical assistance to plant and maintain street trees, create gardens and parks on community open spaces, schoolyards, and streams. Parks & People supports the planning, surveying, organizing, and implementing of greening projects in partnership with residents, city agencies (including Recreation and Parks and Forestry), community associations, and other private and nonprofit groups.
For more information, visit Parks & People Foundation.