New ACT Member- PlantAmnesty

Seattle, WA (July 11, 2007)- Most people take it for granted that trees and plants are being maintained properly, or that it’s not really a major issue. But think of the green infrastructure of our city- improper pruning and tree topping add up to an expensive waste of resources, and many trees and plants pay for these mistakes with their lives.

PlantAmnesty was founded in 1987 to “stop the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs.” The nonprofit group uses a unique blend of humor and controversy to raise public awareness of “Crimes Against Nature” committed in our own backyards. After alerting the public to this problem, our volunteers provide readily accessible and accurate information, materials and services.
PlantAmnesty’s solutions to plant abuse and neglect include garden renovation workshops, classes, videos, a referral service and volunteer pruning and tree projects throughout the community. Several grants have allowed our group to produce and distribute thousands of Pruning Guides, Saving Trees and Views pamphlets, tree biology quizzes for local students, tree planting guides and locallyproduced public service announcements.
PlantAmnesty provides these valuable services to the community:
* Alerting the public to Crimes Against Nature with a media campaign that employs humor, education and controversy to raise public awareness. We average one million readers viewers listeners per year.
* Educational materials and literature including how-to guides, videos, pruning topics, articles, essays and slide shows. We average 300 free DVDs and videos, 6,000 free pruning guides and $3,000 worth of literature are distributed annually.
* Pruning classes, lectures, and hands-on lessons, workshops and demonstrations. Average 50 classes and 2,000 people taught annually.
* Professional arborist and gardener donated work days.
* Seattle Heritage Tree Program.
* Master Pruner Program.
* Nasty Letter Writer.
* Thousands of calls and requests for information answered by our office staff and volunteers.
* Educational display booths and speakers bureau.
* Gardener and Arborist referrals made through our free Referral Service.
For more information, visit PlantAmnesty.