New ACT Member- ReLeaf Sarasota County

Sarasota, FL (April 15, 2003)- The mission of ReLeaf Sarasota County is to promote the importance of trees and community action in improving the quality of life and enhancing the unique character of the Sarasota region. They endeavor to work with the community to create a legacy of trees for future generations.

To achieve this Mission, the three main areas of focus are Conservation, Education and Regeneration.
* Conservation: Preserving and protecting Sarasota’s existing urban forest
* Education: Working diligently to educate our City and County governments on the intrinsic and monetary value of trees in the urban environment, and to influence policies and ordinances to insure their protection.
* Regeneration: Public events offering opportunities to replace and replant trees for the future
For more information, visit ReLeaf Sarasota County.