New ACT Member- Rochester’s Neighborhood Resource Center

Rochester, MN (June 15, 2006)- The Rochester Neighborhood Resource Center (RNeighbors) was incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and began serving neighborhood associations (NAs) in 2001. RNeighbors supports neighborhoods by nurturing Neighborhood Associations, reviving dormant Neighborhood Associations, and providing tools to help sustain and grow active associations. There are currently 27 registered Neighborhood Associations in Rochester.

RNeighbors empowers citizen leaders to create sustainable neighborhood networks that promote a vibrant, healthy, and livable community. Their programs include:
* NeighborWalks
This walking program encourages people of all ages to walk in their neighborhoods. Neighbors who know each other and walk together create stronger neighborhoods, places that are safe and nurturing to live in.
* RColorful Corners
Without spending a single tax dollar, this program brings neighbors together to create art, reclaiming ownership of public space.
* RNeighborWoods
An ongoing project partnership working for citywide neighborhood improvement by strengthening Rochester’s urban forest.
This website hosts RVoices, a community journalism project, linking neighborhoods with resources, dialogue, and news.
For more information, visit Rochester’s Neighborhood Resource Center.