New ACT Member- Savannah Tree Foundation

Savannah, GA (July 25, 2001)- The Savannah Tree Foundation’s mission is to promote, through direct action and education, an awareness of trees, particularly the live oak, as vital resources and an important part of their heritage. The foundation preserves, nurtures, and plants trees to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.

Their programs include:
* Public Presentations, including the Forsyth ParkTree Walk.
* Bacon Park Forest Discovery Walks and Non-Native Invasive Plant Removal Program.
* Research, publication and presentation of The State of the Trees Report IV.
* Demonstration of proper tree planting procedures to participants through their ongoing tree planting program.
* Educational programs on tree care and urban forest topics.
* Information resource service and facilitator for urban forest issues.
* Publication of two newsletters a year.
* Stewardship of The Candler Oak.
For more information, visit the Savannah Tree Foundation.