New ACT Member- Scenic Virginia

Richmond, VA (March 10, 2010) – Scenic Virginia is a private, nonprofit organization that exists to preserve, protect, and enhance the scenic beauty of the Commonwealth. As the sole advocate for conservation of Virginia’s scenic resources, the organization’s principal activity is to encourage and support public and private actions that enrich Virginia’s extraordinary scenic beauty, particularly along its highways and byways. To this end, the organization demonstrates to citizens the economic, social, physical, and cultural benefits of preserving Virginia’s scenic assets.

Scenic Virginia is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and enhancement of Virginia’s scenic beauty. The organization supports public and private actions that strengthen the appearance of Virginia’s landscapes and communities.
The organization implements programs and undertakes projects that address- but are not limited to- the following objectives:
* Promote and support community efforts to create gateway corridors and enhance scenic approaches to cities and towns.
* Encourage the designation of all eligible scenic roads as Virginia Byways (and National Scenic Byways) and promote the economic benefits to the localities that border the roads.
* Sustain the health and aesthetic appearance of Virginia’s roadside trees and foliage through responsible tree-trimming and cutting practices.
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