New ACT Member- Texas Trees Foundation

Dallas, TX (July 14, 2000)- Texas Trees Foundation received its Certification of Incorporation from the State of Texas in April 1982. Originally named The Dallas Parks Foundation, its founders established the organization as a resource to support the existing Dallas park system. In 1989, the mission of the Foundation was expanded to focus on the planting of trees in public open space. In 1988, the Foundation merged with Trees cape/Dallas, Inc. a project that had been funded by the Dallas Junior League and the Central Dallas Association. In doing so, the Foundation gained an even greater ability to impact urban landscape projects.

The Mission of the Texas Trees Foundation is:
* To preserve, beautify and expand parks and other public natural green spaces in a six county area surrounding the City of Dallas.
* To beautify their public streets, boulevards and rights-of-way by planting trees and encouraging others to do the same through educational programs that focus on the importance of building and protecting the “urban forest” today as a legacy for generations to come. The Foundation will share its vision on a national level, but will focus its efforts and develop loyalties among communities in the North Central Texas area.
In partnership with government, individuals, businesses and other community organizations, the Foundation initiates actions to achieve the following goals:
* To enhance the beauty and beneficial use of public lands and rights-of-way, primarily by planting trees to expand, maintain and protect the permanence of the “urban forest.”
* To teach people of all ages to be good stewards of one of our most important natural resources, our trees, in order to enhance the quality of life in our community, today and for generations to come.
* To revitalize our existing parks and create new, safe, well-maintained public parks and recreation areas.
For more information, visit Texas Trees Foundation.