New ACT Member- The Greening of Detroit

Detroit, MI (July 18, 2006)- In December 1989, Elizabeth Gordon Sachs mobilized key Detroit residents, business people, and industry professionals in support of an effort to reforest the city of Detroit. The Greening of Detroit now exists to improve the quality of life in Detroit by guiding and inspiring the reforestation of Detroit’s neighborhoods, boulevards and parks through tree planting projects and educational programs.

The Greening of Detroit seeks to return the city of Detroit to its former glory as “The City of Trees” and “The Paris of the Midwest” by reforesting the city through tree planting projects and by using environmental education to generate the resolve, the necessary support, and the essential abilities necessary to ensure a safe, sustainable ecosystem for healthy trees with the city of Detroit.
Through its work to enhance Detroit’s urban forest and educate its communities, The Greening strives to:
* Improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the city
* Use trees and vegetation to enhance community pride
* Cultivate appreciation of the social, economic, environmental and aesthetic value of trees and community forests
* Promote volunteerism among residents of the city, suburbanites who frequent the city for work and recreation and corporations doing business in the city
* Create an ethic of care within corporate and individual residents of the city, thus ensuring proper maintenance of all tree planting projects
* Encourage environmentally responsible development of the city which should include preservation, creation and expansion of green space
For more information, visit The Greening of Detroit.