New ACT Member- Tree New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM (November 1, 1993)- Tree New Mexico is dedicated to ensuring sustainable forests in urban and rural communities and natural areas through restoration, public education and advocacy. It was initially formed by local high school students concerned for the environment, on the premise that tree planting is an important and worthwhile national and community effort and goal.

Incorporated in May of 1990 and recognized locally and nationally, Tree New Mexico is known to be one of the most successful urban and rural tree planting efforts in the nation. Since January 1991, their partners and volunteers have planted over 950,000 trees in New Mexico, and on Navajoland in Arizona.
Their goals are to:
* Build strong and effective partnerships with all levels of public and private organizations.
* Plant and care for trees in forests, along rivers and in urban and community areas on public lands.
* Provide environmental tree-based education for citizens of all ages.
* Serve as an urban and community forestry advocate.
* Outreach to under-served communities.
* Build public awareness about the importance of trees in their communities and the nation.
For more information, visit Tree New Mexico.