New ACT Member- Trees Across Raleigh

Raleigh, NC (October 18, 2009)- Started in June of 1996, Trees Across Raleigh is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to planting trees in public rights-of-way, along public medians and in public parks for the benefit of all Raleigh residents.

By planting trees with community citizen volunteers, Trees Across Raleigh seeks to improve the City of Raleigh’s appearance, foster greater community pride and promote economic development throughout the city.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Fran, the need for trees for the sake of the city’s appearance and environmental health had never been greater. Demonstrations of proper tree-planting techniques not only show volunteers how to plant on these sites but also how to plant yard trees.
The benefits to Trees Across Raleigh include:
* By focusing on volunteer labor, our projects encourage all Raleigh citizens to join together in a community wide effort to improve their City and take greater pride in it.
* Trees provide shade to residences and businesses, and thus, can decrease energy consumption and energy bills naturally.
* Trees slow the flow of storm water runoff and benefit the City by decreasing the burden on municipal facilities.
* Planting trees will decrease the City’s long-term maintenance costs because trees are cheaper to maintain than grass.
* Trees can improve the fair market value and appearance of surrounding properties.
* Planting trees will improve the City’s appearance to visitors, both those traveling to the City on routine business or in connection with major events like the Tour du Pont or Special Olympics.
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