New ACT Member- Trees Covington

Covington, GA (May 15, 2008)- The city’s first public street tree inventory was completed in 1992 by Technical Forestry Services of Commerce, Georgia. At the time of the inventory, the trees were valued at over $4.0 million dollars. The data has been used over the years to develop tree planting, tree pruning, and tree removal plans.

In addition, the city inventoried their historic tree resources to identify where they are, the condition they are in, and the maintenance needs of the trees. The criteria used for selecting and identifying the trees included: greater than 50 years of age and part of a greater cross-property planting. It was determined that Covington has more than 1,200 historic trees.
The City began in 2005 to implement the maintenance recommendations made by the consultants. The owners of historic trees located on private property were invited to apply for their trees to be listed on the City’s Historic Tree Registry. Owners were provided with a Certificate of Historic Tree Status, can have their trees inspected once per year by the City Forester, and became eligible for tree grants provided by Trees Covington.
For more information, visit Trees Covington.