New ACT Member- Trees for Houston

Houston, TX (November 1, 1993)- Trees For Houston is the volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Houston, Texas dedicated to the orderly planting of street trees along Houston’s major arterial streets and freeways. Since their incorporation in 1983, they have been responsible for the planting and monitoring of over 214,301 street trees and seedlings. Their organization was founded under the leadership of two visionary attorneys interested in improving the quality of life in Houston at a time when there was no incentive or requirement to plant street trees.

Trees For Houston has embraced all available resources of training and counsel to secure knowledgeable information to achieve their goals to plant street trees economically, proficiently, successfully and responsibly. Correct and thorough maintenance and monitoring has made possible the high rate of success observed in their plantings.
The tree planting performed by Trees For Houston are in agreement and in coordination with the City of Houston. Trees are planted along Houston’s major freeways in agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation. The majority of plantings are performed by landscape contractors who carry out the Trees For Houston specifications for native plant material and procedures. Neighborhood Projects are maintained by the community. Trees For Houston maintains the Parkway Projects, the School Projects and the Challenge Project.
For more information, visit Trees for Houston.