New ACT Member- Trees for Tucson

Tucson, AZ (November 1, 1993)- Trees for Tucson began in 1989 as a program of Tucson Clean & Beautiful, a nonprofit environmental organization, to encourage and facilitate tree planting in the Tucson metropolitan area using desert-adapted trees such as mesquite and desert willow. Trees help beautify the community as well as conserve energy by shading buildings, provide habitat for wildlife, absorb air and water pollutants, control storm water runoff, soil erosion and wind.

Trees for Tucson provides trees for the community, for neighborhoods, and for commemoration. They also conduct tree tours and tree care workshops.
Street Trees for the Community:
Free trees are also available for various projects including beautification and shade needs for community housing programs, landscaping needs for nonprofit organizations and other beautification efforts.
Trees for Neighborhoods:
Trees for Tucson can provide trees for neighborhood groups who would like to plant trees along their streets or public common areas. Trees can also be provided for vacant lots or desert wash areas. Trees for Tucson can help obtain any permits that might be required for planting in the public right of way along the street. Advice on issues such as utility line avoidance, traffic sight visibility and pedestrian access can also be offered. Hands-on assistance and detailed information on tree planting and planning for long-term care is provided for residents.
Trees for Commemoration:
El Paseo de los Arboles (The Pathway of the Trees) is a commemorative tree planting park project located along the west bank of the Santa Cruz River. The park was opened in April 1996 with space for dedication of 600 trees. Tree species include mesquite, palo verde, acacia and desert willow. All trees have now been sold for dedication at the park.
Tree Tours: Great Tree Tour
Each spring, Trees for Tucson hosts the annual “Great Trees of the Old Pueblo” tree tour, visiting a number of large and unusual trees in the Tucson area, hosted by informative guides.
Tree Care Workshops:
Proper care is important to the survival of newly planted trees. Tree Care, Planting and Maintenance Workshops are held twice a year for the public by Trees for Tucson, covering many aspects of tree selection, planting, pruning and irrigation.
For more information, visit Trees for Tucson.