New ACT Member- Trees Forever

Marion, IA (November 1, 1993)- Trees Forever is an organization that not only plants and cares for trees, but also addresses the challenges facing their communities and the environment. Their goals involve getting information and tools to the people who volunteer their time to make a difference in the community. By working together through effective stewardship, they can inspire action, improve quality of life, and demonstrate respect for their natural resources.

Since 1989, Trees Forever has created nationally award winning programs that pool resources from donors and sponsors to fund and assist with grassroots projects. They’re also dedicated to working with diverse communities and celebrating cultures through projects that tie to the Trees Forever mission.
Trees Forever programs seek to address:
* Improving Water Quality
* Caring for Community Forests
* Restoring and Beautifying Roadsides
* Working with Diverse Audiences
For more information, visit Trees Forever.