New ACT Member- Trees Greenville

Greenville, SC (March 10, 2005)- Trees Greenville is a non-profit community group founded to preserve and improve the quality of life in Greenville County by planting, promoting, and protecting trees. Trees Greenville was formed in 2005 to help preserve the quality of life that has attracted many residents and businesses to the upstate.

Trees Greenville has planted two Model Tree Gardens. Their first tree garden at League Academy Middle School was completed and dedicated in April 2007. Their second at Fountain Inn Elementary School will be completed in March 2008. Fountain Inn Elementary School is the first in Greenville County to participate in Breathe Better Air at School, a program designed to promote cleaner air and a healthy environment. The newly planted garden will model a local forest and serve as an educational tool for students and teachers.
For more information, visit Trees Greenville.