New ACT Member- Urban Resource Initiative

New Haven, CT (January 30, 2009)- Urban Resources Initiative is a not-for-profit university partnership whose mission is to foster community-based land stewardship, promote environmental education and advance the practice of urban forestry. They work in conjunction with the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University. They mainly focus on community forestry, environmental education, and training and capacity building.

The organization is dedicated to community participation in urban ecosystem management.
The URI is just as committed to social revitalization of New Haven as it is to environmental restoration. Therefore, their approach stresses the integration of biophysical sciences with social sciences. They work with local New Haven community groups and residents to replant, restore, and reclaim the urban environment, especially in abandoned schoolyards, vacant lots, derelict buildings, and historically neglected areas of the city. They have several ongoing education programs, such as Community Greenspaces and Open Spaces as Learning Places. They are supported by individual donors and grants from private foundations and government agencies as well as by Yale University.
For more information, visit Urban Resource Initiative.