New iPhone App Explores New York’s Street Trees

New York, NY (December 1, 2009)- Trees Near You is an iPhone application that helps users learn about more than 500,000 trees that live on New York City sidewalks. This application was created utilizing data from New York City’s Street Tree Census. For any area of the city, from block to borough, this app lets users see the different species that live there, and calculates the environmental and monetary benefits that these trees provide.

Trees Near You allows users to:
* See a map of trees near their current location via GPS.
* Get a list of trees on any block in the city, including info on species, trunk size, and nearest building address.
* Use the map to visualize tree density across the city. Zoom from a street, to a neighborhood, to a whole borough.
* Calculate the environmental and monetary benefits generated by trees in any area of your choosing (big or small), including CO2 offset, money saved from energy savings, and storm water drainage prevention.
* Look-up additional species details on Wikipedia.
Trees Near You has just been approved on the iTunes App Store and is available free download.
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