New Transportation Research Board Subcommittee Formed

Washington, DC (July 11, 2007)- A new Transportation Research Board (TRB) subcommittee, “Paving Materials and the Urban Climate,” has been formed. This subcommittee is housed under the Design and Construction Group Executive Board, and its focus is on paving materials interaction with the urban climate to mitigate Urban Heat Island impacts.

Dr. Kamil Kaloush, an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU) will Chair the committee. He will be assisted by key co-founders of this effort: Eva Wong, Program Manager of the Heat Island Reduction Initiative (HIRI) with the U.S. EPA; Robert Hyman, a consultant with Cambridge Systematics, Inc.; and Dr. Jay Golden, an Assistant Professor in the School of Sustainability at ASU.
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Dr. Kamil Kaloush