Now that’s a class action!

Baltimore, MD (September 23, 2009)- A bunch of lawyers paid a call on a West Baltimore school this morning… No, that’s not the opening line for another lawyer joke. These legal beagles dropped by Franklin Square elementary/middle to plant some trees with the kids. It’s part of a campaign launched by members of the American Bar Association who deal with environment, energy, and resources issues.

They’re in town this week for their fall conference, and some of them came in a day early to participate in this demonstration of pro bono planting prowess. Dressed for the garden rather than court, the 17 lawyers from as far away as Washington state planted 13 red maples and helped weed the school grounds, according to Guy Hager of the Parks & People Foundation, which helped arrange the event along with the Alliance for Community Trees.
It’s the opening act in an ambitious campaign by the ABA’s environmental section to plant one million trees nationwide over the next five years. Their aim is to stress the benefits of trees, particularly in combating climate change. Maybe it’s also a bit of community service – penance if you will – for all the trees that have been chopped down to print all the briefs generated by the legal profession
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