Orange gets Green Streets

By Erik Onstott
Orange, TX (August 1, 2007)- Southeast Texas homeowners who lost trees to Hurricane Rita will soon get assistance restoring some of that lost greenery. Starting today, homeowners in six Southeast Texas counties may register with Operation Green Streets. The program, a project of the Texas Forest Service funded by the U.S. Forest Service, has been under way since July of last year. It involves pruning and clearing out damaged trees in the counties hard-hit by Hurricane Rita, as well as planting new trees on public and private properties in the area.

Homeowners who sign up for the program must pledge to water the tree once a week for two years, said Karen Woodard of the Texas Forest Service. The Texas Forest Service, assisted by volunteers from various organizations, will distribute the trees from 13 sites throughout the six counties. Homeowners may choose the site closest to their homes.
According to the Operation Green Streets Web site, homeowners will be able to choose between four species of trees: a Southern magnolia, a live oak, a Shumard oak, or sweetgum tree.
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