Philadelphia Director of Sustainability

Philadelphia, PA (May 15, 2008)- After months of anticipation, Mayor Michael Nutter announced on Wednesday his appointment of Dr. Mark Alan Hughes as Philadelphia’s first Director of Sustainability. Appointing a Director of Sustainability is critically important in ensuring that the various initiatives from both inside and outside of city government are coordinated and supported, especially in achieving the mayor’s goal of making Philadelphia the “greenest city in America”.

Dr. Hughes was formerly a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fox Leadership Program and a columnist for the Daily News. He has also worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to develop a strategic plan for deploying sustainability as a regional economic development strategy.
In his new role, Dr. Hughes will also serve as a Senior Advisor to the Mayor. He will be responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing the City’s environmental policies and initiatives. Some of the areas he will be focusing on include improving recycling, expanding green building initiatives and reducing energy use in city owned buildings.
Mayor Nutter has proposed a budget that includes a $3 million increase for Fairmount Park in Fiscal Year 2009. Of that total, $2.5 million would be allocated to Fairmount Park, including $1 million for street and park trees, and a $500,000 increase for the Department of Recreation. The budget increase would come from a proposed increase in the City’s parking tax.
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