Planting for the Future

By Matt Loveless
Lewiston, ID (October 23, 2009)- The plans for the area are unknown, but at least it will look good as you drive up to it. The city recently paved an extension of Park Avenue in the Lewiston Orchards to access more than a hundred acres of land, some owned by LCSC, and some owned by the Lewiston School District. As plans for the future of the land are discussion topics down the road, crew are taking care of the foliage, down the road.

“We planted 30 trees yesterday,” said Lewiston Urban Forestry Manager Phil Shinn. “We had the right equipment, and the right people. It just went extremely fast.” Shinn is heading the project that lined the trees down the quarter mile stretch of road. Thursday, crews were working on irrigation and what Shinn calls a far more efficient system.
“It’s fed with “swales,” and so there’s cuts through the curb where water will run off into kind of an earthen stream, but we’re going to plant that stream full of trees, which we already have done,” said Shinn. “We’re also going to have grasses planted in there, and that will allow the water to incorporate without running off into the site.”
Shinn said in about 25 years the trees’ canopies will touch as they grow. He said the city is trying a new way to irrigate called a “drip system,” which allows landscapers to tap into a line without making cuts.
Shinn said using the system, and maximizing the effectiveness of rain, will create a more efficient use of water. “It’s really something that homeowners can use too, especially in new construction, I think the drip system is the way to go in our climate,” said Shinn.
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