Poll Finds That Americans Have Increased Conservation Efforts

Palo Alto, CA (August 9, 2008)- ABC News, Planet Green, and Stanford University released a poll that shows Americans are increasing their conservation efforts because of higher fuel costs (even though a large number still support drilling).

The poll surveyed various topics, from views on global warming to opinions on government efforts on environmental policy. Forty-seven percent of Americans polled believe that global warming is an important issue to them, a drop from 52 percent in April 2007. Though most Americans recognize global warming as a problem, many do not trust the scientific data behind it. An analysis done by ABC News finds there is a correlation between public concern for global warming and media attention. “A database search finds 50 percent fewer news stories on global warming in the month before this poll was conducted, compared with the month before last year’s survey,” said Gary Langer of ABC News.
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