Pro-immigrant groups plan tree plantings

Westchester, NY (April 30, 2007)- Pro-immigrant marchers waved international flags and protest signs during marches last May 1, but local organizers are making a “family tree” their symbol this year. Tree-planting ceremonies and prayer vigils are being planned as a symbol of immigrant families. Advocacy groups plan to protest the way families are being uprooted by raids and separated by immigration policies.

To immigrant community advocacy groups, the symbolism reflects their shared goal of immigration reform. “The roots are what keep us together,” said one organizer. “The roots keep us strong: Let’s not fall, let’s stay together, let’s fight for the same goals.”
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton echoed the pro-family theme in opposing those measures last week. In a letter to President Bush, she said, “While we need to attract skilled workers to this country, we should not do so at the expense of our families and communities.”
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