Proposition 40 Brings Greenprint to the Public

Sacramento, CA (July 16, 2007)- The Sacramento Tree Foundation, a nonprofit celebrating 25 years of building the best urban forest for the Sacramento region, today announced it has received $466,300 in grant monies from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. These funds are a portion of the Proposition 40 funds available to nonprofit groups as of earlier this year.

Proposition 40 was approved by voters: ‘To protect rivers, lakes, and streams to improve water quality and ensure clean drinking water; to protect beaches and coastal areas threatened by pollution; to improve air quality; to preserve open space and farmland threatened by unplanned development; to protect wildlife habitat; to restore historical and cultural resources; [and] to repair and improve the safety of state and neighborhood parks.’
The Tree Foundation will use these funds to create programs and educational materials to educate everyday people on the care and maintenance of trees in order to optimize the benefits of trees. This education will support the advancement of the Tree Foundation’s regional Greenprint initiative to build the best urban forest for the Sacramento region. If properly cared for, trees can improve water and air quality, protect wildlife and beautify neighborhoods and parks.
“Sacramento’s urban forest is a vital natural resource. It will only thrive with attention, care and planning from everyone living within. In Sacramento, we love our trees -sometimes we love them to death! It just takes a little bit of knowledge, and these projects will help us get that out there,” says Ray Tretheway, Executive Director of the Tree Foundation.
“This project will help the Sacramento region continue to push the envelope in urban forest management. CAL FIRE’s Urban & Community Forestry Program feels that Greenprint is an innovative approach to regional urban forest management, and is being viewed as a model both statewide and nationwide. This grant will help to further Greenprint, and make it even more easily portable and customizable to other regions as well,” states John Melvin, Regional Urban Forester with CAL FIRE.
For more information, contact:
Constance Crawford
Communications Coordinator
Sacramento Tree Foundation
201 Lathrop Way Suite F
Sacramento CA, 95815
(916) 924-8733 ext 118