Raleigh NeighborWoods Program Closing In On 10,000th Tree

Raleigh, NC (June 16, 2010)- The City of Raleigh NeighborWoods program is closing in on delivery of its 10,000th tree and should reach that goal this year, according to a report approved by the Raleigh City Council on Tuesday. The program is designed to add significantly to the trees lining Raleigh streets by planting trees on public rights-of-way along city streets. Residents receiving trees are obligated to plant and water the tree
for two years.

Since delivering its first tree in September of 2003, 9058 trees have been delivered. Once planted and developed, the trees not only beautify streets, but improve air quality, reduce erosion, protect groundwater, cool and reduce energy costs. According to the report, the NeighborWoods trees have saved Raleigh 121,000 via stormwater management, enhanced air quality, reduced energy costs, improved property values and sequestered carbon dioxide. According to the staff report, in five years, the trees will be contributing approximately $500,000 in annual cost savings.

The success of the program has resulted in its being named a 2009 recipient of both the Raleigh Appearance Commission Environmental Awards and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources award for Outstanding Urban Forestry Project.

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