Roadmap to Tree Planning & Planting in Dallas

Dallas, TX (March 30, 2009)- The Kick-Off to present the Roadmap to Planning & Planting Trees was held in March 2009. The Roadmap is a new national model developed by the Texas Trees Foundation and NCDC Imaging with support from the City of Dallas, NCTCOG, Texas Forest Service, EPA, Communities Foundation of Texas, Urban Renewal, and the Houston Area Research Center.

The Roadmap identifies and maps tree planting sites using GIS & remote sensing technologies and environmental factors. The model developed in this pilot project mapped existing tree canopy, possible planting spaces and then potential tree planting sites for five areas of interest (AOI’s).
Reports were then created using the same five, 1-square mile AOI’s to identify the air pollution removal capacity, carbon storage and sequestration capacity, energy efficiency, storm water runoff mitigation and water quality (i.e. contaminant loading) benefits of Dallas’s urban forest. The modeled scenarios were adjusted to account for the range of existing tree canopy within each AOI. Each site was projected out for their individual benefits with the collective benefits for energy efficiency.
The Roadmap results reveal that Dallas has the potential to plant a total of 34,128 trees, of which 11,490 are specific for energy efficiency. Of these 11,490 sites 746 are small trees, 4,882 medium, and 5,862 are large. And, tree cover ranged 9 to 29 percent. While this canopy provides significant ecosystem services, opportunities abound to improve canopy cover in strategic locations to improve environmental quality, public health, and increased property values to reach sustainability goals.
The Texas Trees Foundation will begin mapping the whole City of Dallas when additional funding has been secured. TTF is identifying projects through the initial model throughout the city and will begin to coordinate planting projects in the near future.
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