Sacramento Tree Foundation Wins Governor’s Economic and Environmental Leadership Award

Sacramento, CA (December 7, 2007)- On Tuesday, November 20, 2007, the Sacramento Tree Foundation was honored with California Governor Schwarzenegger’s prestigious Environmental and Economic Leadership award for their leadership in the regional Greenprint initiative.

This award is California’s highest and most prestigious environmental honor for voluntary contributions to conserve California’s precious resources, protect and enhance our environment, and build public-private partnerships. Award recipients were chosen based on strengths in specific areas including results, transferability, environmental impact, resource conservation, economic progress, innovation and uniqueness, pollution prevention, and environmental justice.
To optimize the benefits of a thriving tree canopy, the Sacramento Tree Foundation was joined by 28 elected officials representing local governments from throughout the greater Sacramento region to develop the nation’s first regional urban forest initiative. Uniting 22 cities and towns and 6 counties, the Greenprint goal is to expand and manage urban forests in order to provide greater benefits in air and water quality, energy conservation, human health and quality of life in every neighborhood and community. According to the Greenprint, five million new shade trees will need to be planted over the next several decades, with a net return on investment of over $6 billion.
The Greenprint initiative is a critical component of the region’s sustainability and livability goals, fostering a unique collaboration between government agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses.
“Greenprint has the potential to create and harness billions of dollars in benefits for the people of the Sacramento region. With the outstanding leadership of our region’s elected officials, we’re committed to building a greener and cleaner future,” explains Ray Tretheway, executive director of the Sacramento Tree Foundation.
First conceptualized in 2001, the Greenprint initiative has become a national model for building urban forest programs that stretch beyond political borders. “Trees are the answer to many of the problems that arise when a lot of people live in close proximity in urban areas. Smart building and growth includes planning for both existing and new trees – and the Greenprint is the tool to help accomplish this,” notes Gordon Mann, Urban Forest Services Director for the Tree Foundation.
“California has long been a leader in innovation, so it makes sense that the rest of the nation looks to us for models of sustainable communities. We make the case you can only get there with trees front and center in any planning effort,” notes Ray Tretheway.
Residents of the Sacramento region are encouraged to get involved in tree planting and care efforts in their area. If there aren’t any going on in your neck of the woods- find out why!
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