Sale offers opportunity to replace trees

By Ed Cullen
Baton Rouge, LA (October 16, 2008)- Founded in 1988, Baton Rouge Green has planted at least 30,000 trees and maintains 5,000 of them at 23 sites around the city. Talks about trees and Saturday’s tree sale are part of Baton Rouge Green’s “Re-Green,” a project meant to encourage homeowners to replace trees that fell in Hurricane Gustav.

Re-green might be applied to Baton Rouge Green itself, a homegrown organization that made a dramatic impact on city green spaces and interstate infields and borders before seeing its budget drop from $600,000 in 2000 to $180,000 in 2005. The nonprofit is on the rebound, said executive director Diane Losavio, with a projected current budget of $350,000 from grants, corporate support, private donations and memberships. Losavio became head of Baton Rouge Green last October.
Members of Baton Rouge Green get a 10 percent discount on tree purchases, Losavio said. The trees are sold at slightly lower prices than nurseries, she said, “and because we’re a nonprofit you don’t pay sales tax.” Knowledgeable people will be on hand to answer questions about trees, including natives and wind-resistant trees.
One characteristic of a wind-resistant tree is that it gives up its leaves easily in a high wind, reducing the sail effect, said LSU associate professor of forestry Hallie Dozier. Recommended trees include American hophornbeam, bald cypress, blue beech, chicksaw plum, common persimmon, crape myrtle, dogwood, fringe tree, hickory, holly, inkberry, magnolia, maple, some oaks, podocarpus, pond cypress, red bud, river birch, sweet gum, tupelo, white ash and winged elm.
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