St. Roch Group to “ReLeaf” Historic Neighborhood

Sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation, NeighborWoods, Parkway Partners, and St. Roch Project
New Orleans, La. (March 19, 2008)- The historic St. Roch neighborhood in New Orleans, neglected and underserved by any pre-Katrina measure, is making a post-Katrina comeback, undertaking a holistic neighborhood redevelopment project intended to be a model for neighborhood redevelopment in New Orleans. The community-renewal effort focuses on invigorating existing public space, rebuilding or renovating damaged housing, and reintroducing and supporting commercial, cultural, spiritual and community ventures. A first step will be to replace trees killed by the storm and flood.

For help in that endeavor, the Faubourg St. Roch Project has turned to Parkway Partners, the nonprofit volunteer arm of the New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways. With a grant provided through the Alliance for Community Trees Neighborwoods/The Home Depot Foundation, Parkway Partners will distribute 50 trees for planting by neighborhood residents on March 29, 2008.
Also in partnership with KKProjects and the Renaissance Project, the trees will be planted between houses and the street along an eight block stretch of St. Roch from St. Claude to N. Johnson. Volunteers should meet at 2448 N. Villere Street, and work will begin at 12:00 P.M. The event will culminate with a press conference and a crawfish boil at 3:00 P.M.
The Alliance for Community Trees, from Washington, DC will be on hand to discuss the value of trees and the connections between neighborhood revitalization and greening, and to participate in the planting. Students from the Art Institutes International Minnesota have volunteered to take pictures at the event as part of an extended classroom project on ethics of disaster photography. “KKProjects is dedicating the trees we are planting today to “the fallen Animals;” our neighbors who have been lost to gang violence.” says Kirsha Kaechele of KKProjects.
“Parkway Partners has done such a tremendous job of highlighting the connections between trees and people. They’re really a national leader in urban and community forestry,” said ACT Director of Programs Jared Liu. Founded in 1993, the Alliance for Community Trees is a national coalition of 150 nonprofit organizations engaged in urban and community forestry in 39 states and Canada. Its members are dedicated to grassroots community greening, public education, policymaking, job training, urban design, and other initiatives that support better awareness of the connections between trees and people.
NeighborWoods is sponsored through a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation. “The Home Depot Foundation believes that trees aren’t just “nice” things to have, but that they are essential to a supportive, healthy community.” said Kelly Caffarelli, Vice President of The Home Depot. “By partnering with ACT and local NeighborWoods organizations like Parkway Partners, The Foundation is able to further its goals of investing in the overall health and success of our communities.”
About The Home Depot Foundation
The Home Depot Foundation was created in 2002 to further the community building goals of The Home Depot by providing additional resources to assist nonprofit organizations building affordable, efficient, and healthy homes throughout the United States and Canada. The Home Depot Foundation is dedicated to creating healthy, livable communities through the integration of affordable housing built responsibly and the preservation and restoration of community trees. Since its formation, The Home Depot Foundation has granted more than $50 million to nonprofit and government organizations throughout North America. In 2006 alone, projects supported by the foundation built 9,000 units of housing and planted 300,000 trees. For more information, visit
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