Super Bowl Gives Something Back

Phoenix, AZ (January 21, 2008)- In an effort to give back to the larger community, the NFL Environmental Program has undertaken a number of programs and initiatives in cooperation with the Arizona Super Bowl XLII Host Committee that will hopefully leave a beneficial imprint on Greater Phoenix long after the game is over and everyone goes home.

The NFL Environmental Program for Phoenix includes:
* Solid Waste Management/Recycling – Comprehensive solid waste management will be implemented at major NFL event facilities. This project diverts waste from local landfills through recycling and reusing potential waste materials. Targeted sites include University of Phoenix Stadium, the NFL Experience football theme park, and the Super Bowl XLII Media Center.
* Prepared Food Recovery – Extra prepared food from Super Bowl events will be collected for donation in partnership with Waste Not, a local food recovery organization, with support from other major food banks in the area. Food recovered through this effort will go to soup kitchens, shelters and other local organizations that provide meals to people in need.
* Materials Donation – Decorative materials, building materials, office supplies and other reusable items will be recovered and donated to local nonprofit organizations. Some materials are appropriate for reuse while others will be used as fundraising auction items. The local United Way chapter is arranging for distribution of these items to regional nonprofits. A local company, Dircks Moving, is supplying collection and storage services for all donated materials following Super Bowl events.
* Sports Equipment and Book Donation Project- The Super Kids-Super Sharing Sports Equipment and Book Donation project was developed in partnership with the Arizona Cardinals, the NFL Youth Education Town (YET) and more than 50 schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Students will bring usable items to their schools in January. These items will be collected and donated to schools and youth organizations throughout the area.
* Greenhouse Gas Reduction/Renewable Energy – Renewable energy will be used at the University of Phoenix Stadium, site of Super Bowl XLII, and the NFL Experience Football Theme Park located nearby. Salt River Project, the local utility company, is providing the power from renewable energy projects in Arizona and California. Energy sources include wind, solar, geothermal and landfill gas.
* Reforestation Projects – Several thousand tree seedlings will be planted as part of the NFL’s overall greening program. Two large reforestation projects have been developed at the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and the nearby White Mountain Apache Reservation. Both of these areas were devastated by wildfires five years ago. Local partners include the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Salt River Project, the US Forest Service, Home Depot Foundation, the Arizona State Foresters Office, and RBF Consulting, a local environmental engineering firm.
* Urban Forestry – Several urban forestry projects are scheduled for the week preceding Super Bowl XLII at schools throughout the Phoenix area. Dozens of trees are being planted on seven public school campuses. Support for these projects is provided by the partners listed above (under Reforestation Projects) and by the Arizona Cardinals. One planting location is near the site of the team-sponsored Cardinals Academy in northwest Phoenix.
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