Surge in Carbon Levels Shows Vegetation Struggling

By David Adam
Bristol, UK (May 11, 2007)- According to Bristol University researchers, a surge of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in recent years is due to more greenhouse gas escaping from trees, plants and soils. Global warming is making vegetation less able to absorb the carbon pollution pumped out by human activity.

Wolfgang Knorr, a climate researcher at Bristol, said, “We could be seeing the carbon cycle feedback kicking in, which is good news for scientists because it shows our models are correct. But it’s bad news for everybody else.”
The research published in the Geophysical Research Letters, the authors say, “We find that the remarkable feature of the 2002-03 anomaly seems to be that climate fluctuations – not only related to El Nino and occurring across all latitudes- acted together to create an unusually strong out-gassing of CO2 of the terrestrial biosphere. Further research will be required to investigate if this fluctuation carries features of projected future climate change.”
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