Survey Finds Likely Voters Thinking Green

Syracuse, NY (November 27, 2007)- A new public opinion poll of over 30,000 adults across the United States shows that energy prices and the environment are important to more than half of likely voters surveyed. These respondents said green issues will impact their votes in the upcoming presidential primaries.

More so than most other issues, the environment is politicized across party lines, the Earthsense survey found. Swing voters place a level of importance on the issue similar to that of registered Democrats whose voting intentions arefirmer. The importance of the issue for Republican voters lags by comparison.
The Eco-Insights Survey by a new applied target marketing company, Earthsense, profiles attitudes about global and national issues, candidates, green products, eco-friendly companies, and purchase intent.
President and founder of Earthsense Amy Hebard, PhD said, “Companies that focus on the ideals of people, planet, and profit as the three pillars of responsible business tell us that addressing social and environmental issues is not in conflict with their financial goals, and can be critical to long- term corporate success. But they are looking for smart data to help them prioritize and best address stakeholder concerns.”
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