Sustainable Design: New Directions for Affordable Housing

By Doris W. Koo
President and CEO
Enterprise Community Partners
Washington, DC (May 30, 2007)- It has been a pleasure to be here today at the Sustainable Design: New Directions for Affordable Housing symposium.
I want to thank Chase Rynd and the National Building Museum for convening the symposium. The National Building Museum is a vital institution that educates our country on the multiple roles the built environment plays in shaping our society and individual lives.

I also want to thank The Home Depot Foundation and HUD along with Bank of America and the National Housing Endowment for sponsoring this event. The Home Depot Foundation under Kelly Caffarelli’s leadership, with Fred Wacker and Deanne Fordham, is a driving force in the green affordable housing movement. Thank you, Kelly and your team for your vision and commitment.
And to Bank of America, a longtime partner of Enterprise, let me say a special thanks to Greg Melanson for his leadership in connecting affordability and sustainability as part of the bank’s green efforts. It is great to see a number of the other leaders in this movement here today as well. And for Enterprise to be working with you to make sustainable and affordable one and the same – that’s the ultimate goal of Green Communities.
Enterprise launched Green Communities in 2004 with a number of you and we have been honored to work with many more of you as we have moved forward together. Through Green Communities, Enterprise is providing financial resources and technical assistance to developers and policymakers to accelerate a market transformation in affordable housing. Thanks to the partnership of community-based groups, funders and public sector leaders across the country, Green Communities is off to a good start.
For more information, visit Enterprise Green Communities.