Texas Trees Foundation Gateway Forest Park

Dallas, TX (April 7, 2009)- Lambert Landscape Company, in support of the Texas Tree Foundation, unveiled the Gateway Forest Park design in downtown Dallas at the One Arts Plaza. The new park will be at the interchange of Woodall Rodgers Freeway and Central Expressway, which is a major entryway into the new Dallas Arts District.

The $3 million Gateway Forest Park will serve to connect the new Arts District with uptown Dallas. The new design concept, provided by Lambert Landscape Company, incorporates trails, amphitheater, a dog park facility, signage, increased safety, new native tree and plant species, and improved irrigation.
Along with Lamberts, several corporate partners of the Gateway Forest Park have donated services as well as dollars. Moore Tree Care and the Uptown Public Improvement District (two of the partners) have removed dead and damaged trees. Another partner, Preservation Tree Care has pruned and shaped trees.
Gateway Forest Park will connect residents to an open area that they can use to exercise, meet and greet each other, walk their pets, relax and even be contemplative. The trees in this design are an important part of the infrastructure. They soften the surrounding landscape and provide great environmental benefits.
The Gateway Forest Park will be a welcome addition to the area. Implementation will begin when funds are raised.
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