The Urban Forest Project

Baltimore, MD (June 28, 2008)- The Urban Forest Project is a growing national exhibition that most recently rooted in Baltimore. The exhibition spanned all through the city and into 6 area parks. In the Urban Forest Project, banners are the primary visual communication vehicles for sharing the urban forestry message. The project brings together more than 350 local artists, designers, college students, K-12 students and area businesses to create awareness for making one’s city more sustainable. Each participant designs a banner based on the sustainability of a tree. The results are remarkable!

During the entire project, from organization to execution, there are many collaborative relationships within the community. These strong partnerships are proof that by continuing to work together we can create cities that thrives through sustainability, community stewardship, and relying on each other as resources.
After the project closes, the banners are recycled into tote bags and sold as original works of functional art. The Baltimore Urban Forest Project wrapped up on June 28, 2008. All proceeds from the Baltimore project benefited the Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks Tree Baltimore Campaign for a greener city.
For more information about how you can get involved, contact the Alliance for Community Trees.
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