Three ‘Shady Characters’ Are A Blessing

C.T. Revere
Tucson Citizen
Tucson, AZ (June 8, 2006)- Making no concession to the legends of his craft on a triple-digit afternoon, local musician Stefan George avoids the sunny side of the street.

“Every chance I get, I pick the shady side of the street,” the 53-year-old singer-songwriter said during a stroll home Wednesday along North Sixth Avenue. “I wish we had more of them. I think it’s an important part of any city that cares. You have to have greenery.”
It’s a sentiment shared by city employees Joan Lionetti, Doug Koppinger and Irene Ogata, whose jobs are to see that Tucson has lots of shady sidewalks, bike paths, public spaces and private yards.
But in the earliest stages of the $2.1 billion Regional Transportation Plan, the trio of tree advocates isn’t seeing much indication that the government agencies involved see things the same way.
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